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Saturday, September 26
Down the street from Prudential 9/26/2009   Boston, MA (Hynes ) ^==I'm looking for the artist who made the artwork on this t-shirt. My friend and I ended up talking to him for awhile on our way to the T after running errands over at the Prudential Center. I really liked his work,...

Friday, September 14
what you should sing to me ...   Boston, MA

I can't lie I can't tell you that I'm something I'm not No matter how I try I'll never be able To give you something Something that I just haven't got

i don't miss   Boston, MA

initials for initials? grow a pair and speak up.

I miss you sarah - m4w - 25   Boston, MA

I'm sorry, and I wish you would talk to me :-(

RE: RE: I try to behave, but you make it so difficult (OP) - w4m - m4w - 20   Boston, MA

sorry, i work downtown boston- must have misinterpretted your post...

I was carrying beer on Comm Ave-u walking towards me 6:00 pm Thursday - m4m - 38   Boston, MA

Hi - I was walking up Comm Ave in the Back Bay to my friend's apartment carrying a 12 pack of beer at about 6:00 pm last night, Thursday. I looked up and you were on the sidewalk walking towards me. I smiled (I think) and you nodded back. Thought u ...

Friday, August 31
re-deceived   Boston, MA

you are being deceived,by the people in which are telling you all this owe it to the other to get their matter what you are going to be the fool if these people are lieing to you .im sure the other will sooner or later find out and ...

Re:i asked if you were greg at starbucks today... - w4m - 23 - w4m   Boston, MA

I work at this store...maybe you could describe him and I can let him know that he has a missed connection

Wednesday, August 29
Border Cafe- Saugus - m4m   Boston, MA

You came in with a blonde woman yesterday around 2:30pm. You have dark hair tan and have a great smile and a HOT set of muscular legs!! I tried to get your attention but you were looking in the opposite direction and did look my way a couple of time...

Choose me? - w4w   Boston, MA

Wish it was me...what does your girl look like...have more than one missed connection of my own.

Thursday, August 23
To Mark M from yours truly - w4m - 46   Boston, MA

I miss writing to you. sorry I had to stop, but it was time. You knew there would have to be a day when it all ends.

Wednesday, August 22
Re Re T I have a strange feeling - w4m   Boston, MA

Hints; green is my favorite color I have a DVD which you star in

Tuesday, August 21
re: cambtraelguy on   Boston, MA

why don't you just join so you can contact him there??? Jeez....i's not that freakin' expensive. Do you really think someone he knows will read this and then contact you?? Seems like a pretty roundabout way of trying to find someone. I"d like to kno...