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Looking for a nice down to earth guy - 31

Boston, MA • 08/23/2007

Once upon a time I met a really great person on Craigslist. It's a nice, simple way to troll the waters without financial obligation or fussy personality tests. Sometimes your hook gets caught and you bring up nothing but trash. These are the hazards. But you won't catch anything if you don't take your pole and get out there.

I am a pretty-geeky, slim, striving-for-athleticism, healthy eating, tryin'-to-be-green-livin' 31 yo female. I am new to living here but I have visited a lot.

I am trying to meet someone with similar values who becomes a best friend and my heart's companion.

I have many more likes and interests than dislikes and I think life is adventure and many things are worth trying even if I don't do them all the time. Maybe you're taking a chance like me and we have something in common. We'll never know if you don't write me. So drop me a note please and let's see what's happening.



Posted by: OhSoHandy User

Located: Boston, MA

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