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Wednesday, March 27
Elite Rare Model   usa, MA 29/f/ky, us (model) prosthetic legs and one hand

Wednesday, June 22
Just want sex?   BOSTON, MA (BOSTON)

These Wives do 2!

Sunday, February 27
Amputee Elite   boston, MA 27/f/ky, us incall prosthetic legs and one hand

Friday, September 14
Jewish gal for Jewish guy   Boston, MA

I'm all the things you'd want to bring home to mom - cute, nurturing & smart with a heart of gold. I'm in my early 30s (single/never married), I own a menorah and know how to make a mean kugel! More cultural than religous these days. I'm probably on h...

Wednesday, August 29
Re: Looking for a suit...   Boston, MA

Check this dilly out. I think she needs a straight jacket.....not a suit?

Thursday, August 23
Looking for a nice down to earth guy - 31   Boston, MA

Once upon a time I met a really great person on Craigslist. It's a nice, simple way to troll the waters without financial obligation or fussy personality tests. Sometimes your hook gets caught and you bring up nothing but trash. These are the hazards...

This Friday!   Boston, MA

Iím a visual artist who is exploring the theme of relationships and different ways of dating. For my current project, Iím videotaping people for about 10 to 15 minutes talking about themselves and about what they are looking for in a partner. After co...

Wednesday, August 22
Dating is SO Confusing   Boston, MA

I think I need some dating tips from men. I don't really know how to ask my questions, so I'll just list them and see if anyone can help me with the answer. PLEASE! 1) After I go to dinner with a guy on a first date and he takes me to the...

Tuesday, August 21
looking for guys to talk with, who knows? - 36   Boston, MA

Ever get a little sad when there is noone to talk to when you want to talk? For instance, my ex boyfriend was my best friend also. Well, since he's an ex now, I miss the conversation portion of that relationship. I want to talk to someone with more ...